What Will Be The Ideal Senior Living For You? Assisted Or Independent Living?

There exists only a thin line of difference between assisted living and independent living. If you are considering one of these options, then you must understand what each of these facilities has to offer. A second advantage would be to know how these facilities enable a safe lifestyle amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for more information.

You can learn more here about assisted living and independent living and how their services differ.

Assisted Living Vs. Independent Living

While both options include living in a private condo or apartment, there are many differences between the two. Here are a few basic differences.

Services offered

In an assisted living facility, older adults receive medical and nursing care, as well as other basic life support services, which is one of the fundamental differences between assisted living and independent living. Most of the residents reside close by, and a 24X 7 help option is provided in a push of a button. They are assisted in daily life activities like housekeeping, shopping, meal preparation, bathing & grooming and even medications. A few assisted care facilities offer extensive care in addition to the ones mentioned previously. These extensive cares are flexible and change as the older adults’ health and other requirements change.

In contrast, independent living facilities do not provide nursing or medical care. It largely focuses on providing an active and convenient life for senior adults. Some of the services offered at independent living facilities include on-campus cafes or dining options. However, these services do not guarantee the provision of nutritious food or other services. Many independent living facilities have partnered with home-care companies to assist older adults, which residents may utilize if needed.

Medical support

Medical and nursing assistance is provided to assisted living residents. But their needs do not usually require any intensive nursing care. These facilities are ideal for seniors who need assistance with their daily activities. Independent living allows residents to be independent and generally does not provide any medical assistance.

Independent living facilities are ideal for seniors who may find it uncomfortable to live alone but are physically and mentally active.

Support staff
Assisted living facilities have support staff available to monitor and check on their residents. While they cannot diagnose medical conditions, they assist older adults with medications and other nursing care. The staff will also give updates to the family regularly on the patients’ medical condition.

Meanwhile, residents may have minimal contact with staff in independent living facilities unless they have signed up for any meals or housekeeping services.


It goes without saying that independent living is more affordable than assisted living. This is so because independent living incurs lesser expenses in terms of medical services. Furthermore, these facilities are exempt from benefit plans like Medicare, insurance, and Medicaid. However, assisted living is very likely to be covered by insurance plans or benefit programs due to the wide range of medical support it provides.

Deciding the right option for you

Confused over which option to choose? Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the best option.

  • Would it risk my health if I lived alone for a few days?
  • How much do I rely on my spouse or children for day-to-day living?
  • Does my medical condition require medical or nursing care?
  • Do I feel anxious about living alone or performing my daily activities?
  • Does my doctor have concerns about my decision to live alone?
  • Is my medical condition progressive or chronic?

If your answer to these questions is a yes, then you must consider opting for an assisted-care living facility.

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