Use Dental Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

Email marketing is essential for dental practices to be successful. It would be best to experiment with different aspects of your emails to improve your metrics. Dental Email Marketing tracks CTR, the percentage of people who open your email and click on a link. The click-through rate will vary depending on the type of email you send. Therefore, it is essential to pay more attention to emails. A review of the challenges a dental team faces post-pandemic is elaborated here.

Impact Of Emails In Dental Marketing And How To Send Them Correctly?
HIPAA regulations require that all emails sent to current patients be encrypted. When sending an email to your patients, make sure that the email is unambiguous and concise and that the call to action is clear and straightforward. In your email, include a specific call to action that will take your subscribers to the page you want them to visit.

  • Dental practices should not send too many emails to their patients and limit the number of direct sales and promotional emails.
  • When writing a marketing email, keep the content to a minimum and include images and plenty of white space.
  • In your emails, refer to authoritative websites when necessary, and include first-person patient testimonials on your website.
  • Emails should not contain protected health information about a patient and should not be segmented according to treatment types, medications, or other information.
  • Include alternative text for your images and a button for your call to action in your email. Use web-safe fonts in your email, and use 22-point font for the subject line.

Simple Techniques To Widen Dental Email Marketing
Email marketing is a worthwhile goal to pursue, but it is unlikely to be successful if you send a dry email about a dental procedure.

  • Connecting your dental email marketing to your social media accounts is one way to make the most of your dental email marketing.
  • Include social media follow buttons in your emails and include a link to your Facebook review page or Instagram post in the body of your email.
  • Mobile devices are frequently used to open emails more frequently than computers. Therefore, keep your subject lines to 35 characters or less.

How To Increase Success With The Email Marketing?
When using email marketing for your dental practice, it’s important to track your progress and results. The bounce rate can be classified into two categories: soft bounces and hard bounces. If your emails receive a “hard bounce”, you should remove them from your list and contact existing patients to obtain updated email addresses.

If you want to increase your email list, you need to reduce bounce rates. To calculate your list growth rate, subtract the number of hard bounces and unsubscribes from the total number of new subscribers.

Final Words
Follow the above mentioned simple techniques and ways to send them perfectly to gain success in your business. Research states that dental email marketing has seen a rise with everything turning digital in recent times.

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