We are commuter cyclists and avid racers. We know that losing your bike for any length of time can be frustrating. We are committed to getting you back on your bike as quickly as possible.

Pit Stops

If you have an emergency that can be fixed within 15 minutes, stop by  for a quick fix. We’ll do an emergency repair and send you on your way. If the repair requires more intensive work, we can schedule you in our work queue for servicing.

Check-Ups, Service & Repairs

For jobs that require more than a Pit Stop, book an appointment for us to get your bike fixed up just the way you need. By booking an appointment, we’ll be able to schedule you in, make sure we have the appropriate parts on hand, and have your bike back to you within the shortest possible time.

We prefer to call it a Check-Up rather than a Tune-Up. We will look over your bike thoroughly and provide an estimate on how to bring it up to optimal condition.
Email or call 416-466-6776 to get in touch with us for a Check-Up.