We are a service-focused bike shop and pride ourselves on the quality of mechanical service we provide. We encourage repair over replacement wherever possible.

We service all types, brands and vintages of bicycles. Stop by anytime for a diagnostic report and/or repair. 

We take bikes in for service in a few different ways: Pit Stop Service, Drop Off Service, and Express Service (by appointment only).

Pit Stop Service

We are commuter cyclists and avid racers. We know that losing your bike for any length of time can be frustrating. We are committed to getting you back on your bike as quickly as possible. We try to commit to doing minor service (15 minutes or less) on the spot and send you on your way. This includes quick things like minor brake or shifting adjustments and flat repairs. More extensive work requires that the bike be dropped off or have an appointment booked (see below).

Drop Off Service

You’re welcome to drop your bike off for a full or partial service anytime.
We can complete a diagnostic report with you when you drop off, or at a later time if you’re in a rush. Costs vary depending on what parts and labour the bike needs. Turn-around times vary, but we’ll give you a rough idea upon drop-off. Our mechanics are backed up during peak season (April to August), so please plan accordingly! We encourage folks to drop-off for annual service in the winter time to beat the spring rush. We also offer a winter time pick-up & drop-off service within east-central Toronto. Please call to inquire.

Appointments for Express Service:

For folks who need their bike every day, we do book appointments (Monday-Friday) for Express Service. To assure a quick turn around, Express Service appointments are limited. During peak season, these book up to 2-3 weeks in advance. Please plan accordingly! It is helpful to let us do the diagnostic report on your bike in advance so that any needed parts can be ordered in time for your service. For Express Service appointments, we ask that you bring your bike in the night before or close to open the day of your appointment.

For more information on any of our services, see our pricing list, email or call 416-466-6776 to get in touch with us.

Diagnostic Report

Diagnostic for a full tune-up is $15, which is waived upon approval to perform the services outlined. You can accept or decline any portion of the recommended parts and labour. We can advise which repairs are the most urgent.

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